Greetings.  I am Val Brotherton, the owner of Stone Creek Rumford Fireplaces.  Enjoying the warmth while watching
the flames dance and embers glow in a fireplace has always brought  relaxation and consolation to me.  I have built
many conventional fireplaces throughout my career and when I discovered the simple and effective design of the
Rumford fireplace I was intrigued.   

Upon further investigation, I realized that this was the best designed and most efficient fireplace available.  I was
amazed that this fireplace was not the "preferred choice" among masons and builders.  As it turns out, building a
Rumford is not the easiest to construct because of the configuration of the throat. Time is money and if it takes more
time, it costs more money.  

We have solved the problem by producing a beautiful firebox and one piece throat/smoke chamber that can be

installed in less
than 50 minutes.  In addition, the block ledge is built into the throat allowing the mason to block up the
rough opening without using bracing or forms,
saving time!  We have produced a "high end" firebox and one piece
throat/smoke chamber at a price less than or equal to a  running bond style fireplace. With the time savings factored
in, our firebox and throat are hands down the clear choice for a truly beautiful and economical masonry fireplace for
your home or business.  Use them for inside or backyard applications.  You can even use gas logs to maintain their
pristine beauty.  Check out our site to learn more.

In this  tight economy you cannot afford to waste time or money.  Our products are top of the line and installation is

blazing fast

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