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Stone Creek Rumford
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   In this age of innovation and new products we are able to combine processes and materials to provide the
building trade a
"high end" panelized firebox at or below the conventional firebox price while saving
construction time
.  Our products allow you to work smarter not harder, and maximize your time and
money in the construction process.
   Stone Creek Rumford Fireplaces is dedicated to providing the finest products to our customer.  We have
over a quarter century of experience in masonry and fireplace applications.  Fireplaces are a major expense,
so we searched for a way to produce the most
efficient and appealing fireplace at a reasonable cost.  We
present to you the Stone Creek Rumford Fireplace.
   The Rumford style fireplace is the most efficient of all fireplaces.  Manufacturing the firebox in our facilities
assures you high quality and fine workmanship.  The panelized construction allows any mason to quickly
install our firebox and throat.  The process is so fast and simple that a good DIY homeowner could build a top
quality firebox with excellent results.  The one piece throat/smoke chamber with built in block ledge also
provide advantages over the competition.  Never has the ability to build a herringbone firebox and throat in
under an hour  been available before.  The herringbone pattern is the essence of style and sophistication
giving the fireplace preeminence whether in the house or yard.